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GAUI Team-pilot(JaeHong Lee)

2007 3DMASTERS experts class champion

2011 KOREA FAI F3C champion

2011 3DMASTERS Masters class 4th

2011 3DX CHINA International champion

2012 Thai heli blow out Champion

2012 3DX CHINA international chamion

2013 Korea FAI F3N champion

2014 3DX ASIA international 2nd

2015 Korea FAI F3C 2nd



Rasmus Jakobsen -
Name: Rasmus Jakobsen
Type: X7 FZ

My name is Rasmus Jakobsen, I’m 22 years old and living in Denmark. I have been flying RC Helis since 2011 and enjoyed it ever since. I have been competing in all kind of different competition since 2013 and participated in events all over the world, the list is long. I start flying Gaui for the first time back in 2013 and returned to the team in 2016. I love the way the helis feels in the air, light and perfect for any kind of manouvre.

My greatest achievements during the years has been:
1st Thailand Heli Blowout 2019 (Thailand)
1st Music competion, Bulls smackdown 2016 (Spain)
1st F3N DK 2019 (Denmark)
1st F3N DK 2018 (Denmark)
1st Junior F3N nordic 2014 (Sweden)
2nd 3DX Asia Pacific 2016 (China)
2nd Thailand Heli Blowout 2017 (Thailand)
2nd 3D Champs international 2016 (UK)
2nd Freestyle competition, Bulls Smackdown 2016 (Spain)
2nd F3N European Team Championship 2016 (Poland)
2nd F3N DK 2016 (Denmark)
3rd IRCHA, King of the Midnight Sun 2019 (USA)
3rd F3N DK 2014 (Denmark)
3rd F3N DK 2015 (Denmark)
3rd F3N DK 2017 (Denmark)
3rd senior F3N nordic 2014 (Sweden)
3rd F3N World Team Championship 2017 (Poland)
4th Rotor Live 2018 (Germany)
4th Global 3D expert 2016 (Holland)
5th F3N World Championship in F3N 2019 (Germany)

Not to talk about all the event I have been attending repeatedly worldwide:
IRCHA, Orlando Heli Blowout, Thailand Heli Blowout, Rotorlive, Alpine Smackdown, Bulls smackdown, F3N WC/EC, Global 3D, 3D Championship, Las Vegas Funfly, Der-Schweighofer, HeliChallange, 3DX China, Habo Helimeet, Pitchbrothers Smackdown Denmark….. and so on.


Belgium-Robin Debeuf

Name: Robin Debeuf

2012 2nd Belgian heli competition
2013 1st Belgian heli competition
2014 1st Belgian F3N competition
2015 2nd Expert level 3Dcup France
2017 3th Belgian F3N competition