Suitable engine for Gaui NX Series

Suitable engine for Gaui NX4:

1.O.S MAX 37SZ-H
2.O.S 50SX-H(additional item required)
3.O.S 55HZ-R DRS(additional item required)
4.O.S 55HZ-H Hyper(additional item required)
5.GAUI T-10(additional item required)

Suitable engine for Gaui NX7:

1.O.S 91HZ-R 3C Speed
2.O.S 105HZ
3.O.S 105HZ-R
4.O.S GT15HZ Gas
5.Y.S 91SRX_Tareq
6.Y.S 120SR
7.Y.S 120SRX

T-10 Troubleshooting


1. If throttle servo is shaking or interfered:
* Please adjust the angle of receiver antenna to reduce the interference.
* Please check the CDI ignition wire and spark plug connection. Make sure
they are all tightening together. (Install Step 4)
* Please make sure CDI is away from receiver at least 15cm.
* Please check wire surface and condition on CDI.
2. If the engine rotational speed changes very rapidly (slow) or jump between
fast and slow, please refer to troubleshooting 1. If the situation doesn’t get
better, please check the throttle servo’s for interference.

What would you check when the helicopter shakes during flying?

A.Are the main blades out of track?
a.Are the paddles out of track?
c.Are the main blades well balanced?
d.Are the paddles well mounted at the same distance from the
rotor shaft?
e.Is the spindle or the flybar bent?
f.Is the main shaft bent?
g.Is the main rotor hub damaged?
h.Is the motor well installed and is the shaft of the motor bent?
i.Is the tail rotor shaft bent?
j.Is the tail rotor hub damaged?
k.Do all the ball bearings work well?

What would you do if there comes out a lot of noise from the

a.Please check the gear mesh between the main gear and the
motor pinion. If there is too much gear mesh, it would generate
a lot of gear noise during flying.

b. If the tail drive belt is too loose, it will bring about some noise
and may cause the failure of tail control.

c. Check the linkages and control system of main rotor and tail
rotor to make sure every linkage is working correctly and not
colliding with something else.

d. Check if the motor is running out of balance.