X3L Promotion (The limited period to 31st of July)

global 3D X3L

If you are interesting in our promotional program,
please contact with GAUI by message submit at the bottom, or our local distributor in your country/area.


X3L Basic Kit(385L) x 1 set
GUEC GM-302S Brushless Motor with connector(Ø3.5mm) x1
Hobbywing Platinum 50A V3 Brushless ESC 7A BEC x1
GS-311 Metal Gear Digital Servo x3
GS-518 Coreless Metal Gear Mini Servo x1
HALO Blades 360mm CF main Blades x1
HALO Blades 62mm CF tail rotor Blades x1


●Overall Length (with Canopy): 709mm
●Main rotor diameter: 808mm (Main Blades 360mm) 858mm (Main Blades 385mm)
●Main blade length: 360~385 mm
●Overall Height: 212mm
●Overall Width: 87.8mm
●Tail Blade Length: 62 mm
●Tail Rotation Diameter: 164mm
●ESC: Minimum 50A ESC
●LiPo battery: 1300~ 1800 mAh
●BL Motor : 2520 / 3226
●Total weight: 515g ±3% (kit with canopy,w/o all electronics, blades and batteries.)

Required For Operation

*Transmitter(6-channel or more, helicopter system)
*Receiver(6-channel or more)
*LiPo Battery :3S & 6S
*12~13T Pinion Gear

Tools and Equipment for Assembly

*1.5 mm Hexagon Screw Driver
*2 mm Hexagon Screw Driver
*2.5 mm Hexagon Screw Driver
*Philips Screw Driver
*Lubricant / one-way bearing grease
*Spring calipers, Needle-nosed pliers
*General thread lock
All basic kit does not include a motor , need to purchase optionally .
The available pinions for X3 are as follows (Pinion 12T~13T) with drive gear ratio below:
12T 10.91 : 1 : 5.46
13T 10.07 : 1 : 5.46

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