X5 V2 Promotion (The limited period to 31st of July)

global 3D X5V2

If you are interesting in our promotional program,
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X5 V2 Basic Kit x 1
Scorpion HKIII-4025-1100KV (6mm) x1
Scorpion Tribunus 06-120A (SBEC) x1
ServoKing BLS-6853 Digital Standard Size Brushless Servo (Torque Type) x3
ServoKing BLS-697i3 Digital Standard Size Brushless Tail Servo x1
HALO Blades 510mm CF main Blades x1
HALO Blades 80mm CF Tail Rotor Blades x1
Mikado Vbar Neo 6.1 Express  x1

X5 V2 Specifications:

Height: 336mm
Width: 165mm
Length (including canopy): 1000mm
Weight: 1150g +/-3% (without battery,CF main blades,electronics)
Main Blades: 500 ~ 520mm
Main blade rotation diameter 1120mm
Tail blade: MAX 82mm
Tail rotation diameter: 230mm
Power System recommendation: Motor: 910kV,ESC: 100A
Flight time: 4~5minutes

Scorpion HKIII-4025-1100KV (6mm) Specifications:

Stator Diameter 40 mm(1.57 in)
Stator Thickness 25 mm(0.98 in)
No. of Stator Arms 12
Magnet Poles 10
Motor Wind 3T/3T Delta
Motor Wire 27-Strand 0.29mm
Motor Kv 1100KV RPM/Volt
No-Load Current (IO/10v) 3.19 Amps
Motor Resistance (RM) 0.008 Ohms
Max Continuous Current 100 Amps
Max Continuous Power 2200 Watts
Weight 354 Grams (10.79 oz)
Outside Diameter 49.98 mm (1.97 in)
Shaft Diameter 5.98 mm (0.24 in)
Body Length 51.8 mm (2.04 in)
Overall Shaft Length 83.7 mm (3.30 in)
Max Lipo Cell 6s
Peak Current 130 Amps (5 seconds)
Peak Continuous Power 2750 Watts (5 seconds)
Motor Timing 5deg
Drive Frequency 8kHz

Scorpion Tribunus 06-120A (SBEC) Specifications:

Max Continuous Current 120 Amps
Peak Current 150Amps
Operating Voltage Range 11-26.1 Volts
BEC Output voltage: 5.1V to 8.3V adjustable.
Max Continuous BEC Output 10 Amps @ 8.3 V
Peak BEC Output 20 Amps/1s @ 8.3 V
On Resistance 0.4 mOhms *2
Size 23.7 x 37 x 73.8 mm (0.92 x 1.45 x 2.9 in)
Weight (Without Connectors) 108g (3.8 oz)

Required for operation

*Transmitter(6-channel or more,helicopter system)
*Receiver(6-channel or more)

NX7 Dimension
*LiPo Battery: 6S1P(22.2v/ Max size:61x49x150mm)
*Pinion Gear x 1pc

Tools and Equipment for Assembly

*1.5 mm Hexagon Screw Driver
*2 mm Hexagon Screw Driver
*2.5 mm Hexagon Screw Driver
* Philips Screw Driver
* Lubricant / one-way bearing grease
* Spring calipers, Needle-nosed pliers
* General thread lock

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