X3 Belt conversion Pack(for 360L)


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Suitable for X3 Series , 2 OR 3 Main Blades (360mm).
Listing Date: 2014/03/25
Discontinued End of July 2016
Replace parts :sku 036610

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Product Description

Whole new tail boom belt version that design for X3 series has lower noise and weight but higher efficiency. It makes new players experience the fun of flying and also low sound of transmission noise that helps the new players focus on the flying and reaction.
The optimizations of 71T Belt Main Gear that use for X3 Crown Gear Hub with One Way Sleeve increase the strength of the gear and prevent twisting and lower the chance of parts exchange.
Pure craft of anodized tail boom plus ray carving give your RC Helicopters pure lineage certificate.
Using our special belt conversion pack could lower your maintenance cost and difficulty of torque tube installation as well. X3 series will be the best practice HC Helicopter for you.

Recommended accessories for this pack:
216213-X3 Tail Boom (for Belt version) x2pcs
216214-X3 Tail Output Shaft with Pulley x2pcs
216215- X3 71T Gears (for Belt version) x2pcs
216216- X3 Guide Wheels with Bearings Pack
216217- X3 Tail push rod (for Belt version)
216218- X3 Belt 522MXL

You maybe possible need… Replacement Parts

Tools and Equipment for Assembly
*1.5 mm Hexagon Screw Driver
*2 mm Hexagon Screw Driver
*2.5 mm Hexagon Screw Driver
* Philips Screw Driver
* Lubricant for one-way / bearing grease
* Spring calipers, Needle-nosed pliers
* General thread lock


Tail Rotor Belt 522MXL x1
Tail Boom (for Belt version) x1
Tail push rod (for Belt version) x1
71T Gears (for Belt version) x1
15T Tail Pulley Set x1
X3 Tail Output Shaft x1
Guide Wheel Assembly x2
4.8mm Ball Links Pack x2
BearingØ2xØ5×2.5 x4
WasherØ2xØ3.5×0.5 x2
WasherØ6.2xØ8×0.2 x1
PinØ1.5×10.8 x1
M2x2 Socket Set Screw x1
M2x4 Socket Head Button Screw x4
M2x10 Socket Head Cap Screw x2

X3 Belt conversion Pack (216212)