X3 CNC Main Blade Grip


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Suitable for: X3 Series

Listing Date: 2014/08/25

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Product Description


Ø5xØ10x3mm Bearing x2 pcs
Ø5xØ10x4mm Thrust Bearing x2 pcs
Ø5xØ9x3mm Bearing x2 pcs
Linkage ball (M2x6.5mm) x2 pcs
X3-Main Grip Levers x2 pcs
X3-Main Blade Grip x2 pcs
M2x3 Alloy Socket Head Cap Screw(black)x2 pcs
M2.6×6 Alloy Socket Head Cap Screw(black)x2 pcs
M3x19 Alloy Socket Head Cap Screw(black) x2 pcs
N3x5.5 Nylon insert nut x2 pcs
Ø5.1xØ7×0.12mm Washer x4 pcs
Ø3xØ16×0.8mm Washer x4 pcs


The new design X3 CNC Main Grips, high specification design construction,
to enhance the appearance and strength of the new main grips, Design with recessed
screw base with dual screws for fixing the main grip lever, improving and reducing maintenance costs.
New design spindle shaft (# 216109), screw size (M3) higher grade design in the market
compare to the same size products, applicable for 2mm hex screwdriver, You will feel
more confidence of tighten spindle shaft screw during the assembly process.



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X3 CNC Main Blade Grip(216103)