X4 II Combo H Kit (Naza-H)


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discontinued End of September 2014.

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DM-X4II 215005
X3 Combo H Kit(Naza-H) x1 pcs

● New one-piece assembly servo configuration offering
convenience in assembly/service.
● In response to the increased power demand for the
next generation helicopters, the X3 utilizes a 6mm main shaft and 5mm spindle,
increasing durability and rigidity.

● Direct drive servo CCPM control system, eliminating
mechanical linkages, enhancing the hovering stability and 3D flight control
● Head and spindle fixed using 2.6mm high strength Hex Socket screw.
● Use of near-aerospace grade plastic material with lightweight, high-density,
high strength, anti-distortion characteristics,
significantly increasing the structural strength.
● Newly designed battery locking plate mechanism, for ease of installing,
securing and removing the battery.
● Removable swash plate design, making replacement
of bearings and maintenance more convenient.
● Main blade grip lever adopts a three-hole design,
making it easy to adjust the main rotor head ratio for
different flight characteristics.
● One-piece Main blade & grips design, dramatically increasing the strength
and durability of the main rotor.
● The X3 uses ball head and rod linkages of size and grade as those used on the X5.
● Top mounted motor placement design, keeping the center of gravity higher
for better 3D flight characteristics.
● 34 mm wide motor mounting space, allowing larger motors to be mounted in the frames.
● Tail drive design is the same as on the X7, reducing transmission structural components,
increasing efficiency and ease of maintenance dramatically.
● 15mm tail boom diameter, providing more support and effectively resisting deflection forces
● Integrated tail case design to enhance durability.
● Dual push-pull assembly, which precisely controls the tail pitch.
● Tail Rotor grips and hub use a dual bearing &
thrust bearing design to enhance the smoothness of operation and durability.
● Finely adjustable third bearing main shaft mount, reducing gear mesh gap issues.
● 131T radial structure main gear uses near aerospace grade plastic material.
● Selective tail servo design, either Micro or Mini sized servo can be used.
● One-piece lightweight landing brace and skids
● Spatial 34×34 x110 mm battery placement space within the heli frame,
effectively protects the battery during crashes and compatible

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