GUEC GS-093 Metal Gear Digital Servo


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Product Description

● Powerful and Fast response digital servo which is suitable for
200 class to 450 class CCPM cyclic use.
● Top ball bearing deliver smoother operation and offer better
centering and a tighter fit throughout the gear train.
● Precision metal gears provide smooth action and durability.
● Heavy Duty Output Shaft imporves versatility when installing
the servo horn.
● High impact and heat transmissible plastic case is designed to
withstand minor crashes and offer durability of motor.
● Supports digital & analog control signal.

Operating Temperature Range -10 ℃~+50℃
Operating Voltage Range 4.8V:5.0mA / 480mA
6V:5.0mA / 600mA
Operating speed (at no load) 0.11 sec/60°
0.14 sec/60°
Stall torque (at locked) 2.2 Kg/cm (6.0V)
1.8 Kg/cm (4.8V)
Stall current (at locked) 600 mA/1000 mA
Limit angle 220°±10°
Weight(g) (without servo horn) 12.2 ± 0.2
Working Frequence 1520μs/333hz
Maximum travel Approx 150° (when700→2300 μsec)

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