313001-NX4 Basic Kit

NX4 Basic Kit


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First production model of its kind. 425mm Nitro powered by GAUI 37 Engine.
Extremely easy to tune engine.
220cc/9oz fuel tank provides 6.5 min+ flight times.
Incredible fuel economy allowing close to 17 flights/gallon of fuel.
Excellent power to weight ratio similar to most .90 sized Nitro Helicopters.
Simple, robust, reliable frame construction.
Plenty of frame space for mounting electronics.
“Electric feeling” gear ratio-model provides excellent low-end
torque and is very forgiving for inexperienced pilots.
Many parts shared with GAUI X4 and GAUI X5.
Direct Servos -> Swash for 120-degree CCPM providing extremely easy setup and operation.
Adjustable servo mounting blocks for precise CCPM operation.
Accommodates “Mini” sized servos.
8mm Main Shaft. 6mm Head Axle (spindle).
Stylish pre-painted FRP Canopy.


NX4 Basic Kit x 1 set

Tail Rotor Blade Set(70mm) x 1 set

♦Tail Rotor Blade Set(70mm) x 1 set


Main blade size: 425~460mm
Tail blade size: 70~77mm
Main Gear ratio: 7.06: 1
(120t main gear 17t pinion)
Tail drive ratio: 4.36: 1 (61 / 14)
Fuel tank: 220cc / 9oz
Servo size: “Mini”

Suitable engine for Gaui NX4:

1.O.S MAX 37SZ-H
2.O.S 50SX-H(additional item required)
3.O.S 55HZ-R DRS(additional item required)
4.O.S 55HZ-H Hyper(additional item required)
5.GAUI T-10(Discontinued)

Required for operation

Engine: O.S MAX 37SZ-H
Muffler: 30 class muffler.
CCPM Servos x3
Tail Servo x1
Throttle Servo x1
Flybarless System x1
CF main blades x1


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