CNC Swashplate Set Red anodized(FORMULA)


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Suitable for #072206 / 072208
Listing Date: 2014/06/20

Product Description

FORMULA Swash plate, for top visual using tri-color red,
black and silver anodized surface treatment process,
coupled with the looming mine carved features and extra specification
ball-bearing utilized in swash plate,
special design of lateral adjustment screws,
ensuring high speed and other low clearance performance demands.

Ø2xØ6x3 Bearing x2
Ø30xØ42x7 Bearing x1
Linkage ball (M3x9.5mm) x6
X7-swash plate Assy. x1
Linkage ball(M3x25.5mm)  x1
M2x3 Alloy Socket Head Cap Screw(black) x4
M2x4 Cross recessed truss head screw  x2
M2x10 Alloy Socket Head Cap Screw(black) x1
M3x10 Alloy Socket Head Cap Screw(black) x1