217067-X7 Tail Pitch Slider Set (Red anodized)

Tail Pitch Slider Set (Red anodized)


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Suitable for X7 Upgrade / X7 FORMULA / X7 FZ / NX7 Formula Series
Listing Date: 2014/08/25

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Product Description

Ø8xØ12×3.5 Bearing x2 pcs
Lock Washer x4 pcs
X7 Tail pitch control arm x1 pcs
6mm Copper Bushing x1 pcs
X7 plastic tail pitch control pully x1 pcs
Tail pitch Control linkage rod x2 pcs
Ø2×12 Pin x2 pcs
Ø2xØ2.95×4.3 Copper Pillar x2 pcs
Ø8xØ10×3.2×1 Aluminum Tube x1 pcs
M2x10 Alloy Socket Head Cap Screw(black) x2 pcs
M3x3 Alloy Socket Set Screw (black) x2 pcs

Using tough flexible plastic material, which can highly reduce the friction in flight and reduce the wear and tear.


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