R5 V2 Basic Kit (Red Type)


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Suitable for R5 Series
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Note:Please set the Max. pitch below 14.5°~15°  

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Product Description


R5 V2 Basic Kit (Red Type) x1 set R5 SPEC-2-01


● Overall Length : 1195 mm
● Main Rotation Diameter: 1301~ 1337 mm
● Main blade length: 580 ~ 610 mm
● Overall Height: 332 mm
● Overall Width: 90 mm
● Tail Blade Length: 82~95mm
● Tail Rotation Diameter: 238 ~ 258 mm
● Total weight: 2100g ±3% (kit only, not including electronics)
Drive Gear Ratio:7.82 : 1 : 4.67

R5 Dimension-2-01 R5-Motor

Suitable length of motor shaft for R5 — 41mm~42mm

Optional Accessory:

Standard size CCPM servos * 3
Standard size tail servo * 1
3-Axis Gyro * 1pc
LiPo Battery : max size: 340 x 46 x 48 mm *1
500~540 KV Blushless motor *1
ESC: (recommended) 160A ESC

Tools and Equipment for Assembly:

*Transmitter(7-channel or more,helicopter system)
*Receiver(7-channel or more)
*1.5 mm Hexagon Screw Driver
*2 mm Hexagon Screw Driver
*2.5 mm Hexagon Screw Driver
* Philips Screw Driver
* Lubricant / one-way bearing grease
* Needle-nosed pliers * General thread lock


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