Announcement: GAUI Mini VBar V5.3 (slanted sensor board problem)

Dear Customers:

We’ve discovered a manufacturing QC problem
with GAUI Mini VBar 5.3
Some users have reported slanted sensor boards
on their Mini VBar 5.3.

Attached are two pictures with the GAUI Mini VBar V5.3

Announcement_ GAUI Mini VBar V5.3


The correct case has a very visible bar over the “V”.
The case with the issue has no bar over the “V”. This can cause the sensor bar to be slanted in some cases.

Customers should send the problem Mini VBar with slanted sensor board back to Official GAUI distributor in their country for replacement.

Remember also to provide the Serial Number of the Mini VBar to distributor when returning the unit for replacement.

Our sincere apology for inconvenienced caused.