Important Safety Notice


Dear customers & pilots of X7

For those of you who have purchased an X7 Kit or spare parts:
#217001.217002.217003.217004.217005. KITS

#217122 -X7 Main Rotor Head Spindle SPARE PARTS
#217032-X7 Main Blade Grip
Please take note of the following parts update.
Please change the part to correctly update your Helicopter for safety concerns.

The update is as follows:
The X7 main rotor head assembly initially included a washer set W5x13x1.2 (P.28 of Instruction manual).

It has become apparent that after many flights, the washer can become deformed due to the high loads of the rotor head system.

If left unchecked, a part failure can occur. Since this part is a crucial component of the rotor head, please check if your X7 is using the new washer set (part W5x15x2).

If not please replace this washer set (W5x13x1.2mm) to the new standard washer set (W5x15x2mm)as soon as possible in order to ensure a safe flight.

For your reference, a photo is attached to identify these two washers.
Older washer set: W5x13x1.2mm
New washer set: W5x15x2mm
*Please note the slanted edge to help identify the new washer*

X7 Washer (W5x5x2mm)


If you find that your X7 head contains an older style washer set, please contact your country’s GAUI distributor for a new washer set at no cost. Thank you for your cooperation and attention to this safety matter.
Our apology for any inconvenience caused.

*Please note X7 kits / spare parts shipped starting May 2012 use this new washer part.