NX4-G T-10 Power&Electronics Combo Pack


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el cost alternative.
*Heat sink designed for NX4, large surface area to dissipate Engine heat,
anodized black & silver color CNC stylish design.
*3D flights time can be as long as 14minutes to satisfy the most avid pilot.
*Stable power output, combine with GAUI NX4 demonstrates the power and torque outputs,
absolutely a good choice for pilots flight practice.
*Low Engine vibrations, comparable to most Nitro engine.
*CDI low power consumption, 7.4V 800mAh battery can have a continuous flight of 20minutes.

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Product Description


Displacement: 0.56cu in (9.18cc)
Practical Range: 2000~18000rpm
Output: 2.11 hp @ 17000 rpm
Normal operating temperature: 100 ~ 130℃
Bore/Stroke: 23mm/21.80mm
Ports: 3 Ports
Crankshaft: 15mm
Carburetor: 10mm
Exhaust Type: Side
Weight: 379g(545g)
1. Use independent Power sources for receiver and CDI. Keep CDI away from other electronic parts when
2. Please break-in new engine using at least 1000cc at idle speed to achieves maximum power output and
extends engine life.
3. Please use gasoline fuel tubing in fuel tank.
4. Exhaust back pressure method is not recommended.
5. Fuel mixture Ratio: 10:1. 10parts gasoline & 1part two-stroke engine oil
6. Auxiliary fuel tank and non-bubble weight are recommended in fuel system to prevent engine
stop. When air get into fuel tubing it will affect engine performance.
7. Make sure ignition wire and spark plug are tightened together. & not loose


NX4 Auxiliary fuel tank set(60cc 2.1oz) x1
GAUI Governor (for Gasoline Engine) x1
T-10 Muffler x1
T-10 Gasoline fuel line 100cm x1

[Download not found] T-10 Engine Set (10cc) NX4 Auxiliary fuel tank set(60cc 2.1oz) GAUI Engine Governor (944010)
NX4 Auxiliary fuel tank set(60cc 2.1oz) [Download not found] T-10 Engine Set (10cc) GAUI Engine Governor (944010)