New #944011 GAUI Governor (for Gasoline Engine) T-10

Dear Customers,

GAUI has released a new Engine(T-10 Gasoline Engine)for NX4 Kits.

We Strongly recommend/advise Pilots who want to use this T-10 Gasoline Engine to use the NEW #944011 GAUI Governor (for Gasoline Engine).


GAUI Governor for Gasoline can reduce the chance of interference caused by the CDI ignition system.

For Pilot who wants to use T-10 Gasoline Engine, purchase of New #944011 GAUI Governor (for Gasoline Engine) is strongly recommended.


O.S. 37 Nitro Engine  please Use #944010 – GAUI Engine Governor.

T-10 Gasoline Engine please Use #944011 – GAUI Governor (for Gasoline Engine). NEW!!!


*Do NOT use the Governor with the Engine it was not intended/designed for.


If pilot previously fly the NX4 with O.S. 37 Nitro Engine and a GAUI governor for Nitro Engine is available(#944010 – GAUI Engine Governor).


Note this Governor is for Nitro Engine.


Notice: New Gasoline Governor #944011 is required if you decide to use the new T-10 Gasoline Engine.

Otherwise you might experience interference problem from the CDI ignition system.