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The Consecutive Holidays in 2017 April and May

Dear Distributors and Customers,

We will have some consecutive holidays in 2017 April and May.

1. From 1st April 2017 to 4th April 2017 is for Children’s Day and Tomb Festival.

2. From 29th April 2017 to 1st May 2017 is for International Labor Festival.

3. From 27th May 2017 to 30th May 2017 is for Dragon Boat Festival.

Please feel free to contact by email during the holidays. We will get back to the office after holidays.
Thank you for your support Team GAUI

228 Peace Memorial day

Dear customers,

Gaui office will be closed during 2/25 to 2/28 and back to office on 3/1 due to national holiday.
Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Convert your X5 Shaft version to X5 Belt version

208332-Tail Push Rod (2x 605 mm)
208914-X5 Tail Gear Case Set OR 208386-X5 CNC Integrated Tail Gear Case(Black anodized & belt version)
208911-X5 Tail Rotor Bel 572XL
208323-Tail Boom (for X5 Belt Version-Black anodized)
208379-X5 Tail Output Shaft with Pulley