Global 3D 2017

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Global 3D 2017 Photos

Great result from GAUI at Global 3D. Peter Hsiao 1st Expert Class, Ryan Chiu 3rd Expert Class !


Global 3D 2017 Final Results

Team GAUI Peter Hsiao Victory Flight!
1st place Expert Class Global 3D 2017!

3D Furtivos 2017

Furtivos 2017-00

The Consecutive Holidays in 2017 April and May

Dear Distributors and Customers,

We will have some consecutive holidays in 2017 April and May.

1. From 1st April 2017 to 4th April 2017 is for Children’s Day and Tomb Festival.

2. From 29th April 2017 to 1st May 2017 is for International Labor Festival.

3. From 27th May 2017 to 30th May 2017 is for Dragon Boat Festival.

Please feel free to contact by email during the holidays. We will get back to the office after holidays.
Thank you for your support Team GAUI

Update version

Website revision

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your support for GAUI, to provide you with a better shopping experience,

The GAUI website is available for the following features now

1. FACE BOOK integration login advantages are as follows:

Simplified registration and login procedures.

Provide opportunities for users to interact with friends in circles.
2. GAUI points
2-1. Purchase every USD 1  for 1 point
2-2. Membership of Birthday Party could have 20 points / Coupon
2-3. 10 points is for new membership

Special promotion is as follows

The ratio of points Count the number of points Limitation for a single order
(Gaui) 1 point = USD 1 Buy USD 1 =  Get 1 point Max USD 30
The maximum discount for a single order Points for Membership birthday New registered members receive points
Max. 5% 20 points 10 points

Notice for memberships:

• There are no quantitative restrictions to have point from order. The points binds to personal account, members read “My Account” for details of points.

• The points are only for GAUI official website consumption using which is

• The points do not use for shipping.

• The points are only used for promotional activities, do not have real monetary value, non-transferable, anonymous, not reported loss, cannot redeem cash.

• Valid for 12 months after entry/ receive points.

• The points couldn’t be used with coupons and promotion items.

• Minimum order to get 1 point which is USD $ 1.

• After complete payment, member will receive the point.

• For promotion and special sale items, there is no point bonus.

• If the order is canceled, increase points will be remove from account after the order cancellation process is completed.