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GAUI X7 Main Gear One-way Bearing

GAUI X7 Main Gear One-way Bearing
Technical note:
GAUI X7 Main Gear One-way Bearing
Be sure to use One-way Bearing Grease to cover and fill the entire bearing and gaps in the one-way bearing.
After a period of flight time*, it is recommended to remove the main gear hub to clean and re-oil the one-way to ensure smooth and normal operation.
This technical note and recommendation also advised on all other helicopter models.
#666200 One-way B. Grease
Wish you a pleasant & safe flight!
*Depending on pilot flying environment / equipment used / flight style.

X4 II part exchange/replacement announcement


Dear GAUI customers.

GAUI X4 II was very well received in the RC helicopter market,
with its in-flight tracking accuracy, power attributes and the overall design characteristics.

However, during our continuous long term flight testing,
we have discovered a small weakness with regards to a part located in the side main frames.
In a situation where the helicopter is crashed, pressure is placed on one location in the side frames which has the tendency to break.

GAUI being a responsible manufacturer has improved and modified some parts to increase the rigidity of the main frames.

We ask that current customers of X4 II should contact their original place of purchase for exchange of their X4 II original parts
with the newly released upgraded parts (see attached photos).

Please accept our apology for any inconvenience this may cause.

However, please understand that these parts will reach our distributors at different times due to varying shipping conditions.

The exact time of exchange for upgraded parts should be based on information provided by your local Distributor or Dealer (your original place of purchase).

While you are still able to fly your X4 II in the meantime, please be mindful that should the model be crashed,
the likelihood of damage to the side frames is increased until the updated parts are installed.

Your truly,


Original X4 II part (see attached photo) you should remove from your X4 II and send back to your original place of purchase

X4 II part exchange/replacement announcement

In exchange for new upgraded parts below.

X4 II part exchange/replacement announcement

Important Safety Notice


Dear customers & pilots of X7

For those of you who have purchased an X7 Kit or spare parts:
#217001.217002.217003.217004.217005. KITS

#217122 -X7 Main Rotor Head Spindle SPARE PARTS
#217032-X7 Main Blade Grip
Please take note of the following parts update.
Please change the part to correctly update your Helicopter for safety concerns.

The update is as follows:
The X7 main rotor head assembly initially included a washer set W5x13x1.2 (P.28 of Instruction manual).

It has become apparent that after many flights, the washer can become deformed due to the high loads of the rotor head system.

If left unchecked, a part failure can occur. Since this part is a crucial component of the rotor head, please check if your X7 is using the new washer set (part W5x15x2).

If not please replace this washer set (W5x13x1.2mm) to the new standard washer set (W5x15x2mm)as soon as possible in order to ensure a safe flight.

For your reference, a photo is attached to identify these two washers.
Older washer set: W5x13x1.2mm
New washer set: W5x15x2mm
*Please note the slanted edge to help identify the new washer*

X7 Washer (W5x5x2mm)


If you find that your X7 head contains an older style washer set, please contact your country’s GAUI distributor for a new washer set at no cost. Thank you for your cooperation and attention to this safety matter.
Our apology for any inconvenience caused.

*Please note X7 kits / spare parts shipped starting May 2012 use this new washer part.


Announcement: GAUI Mini VBar V5.3 (slanted sensor board problem)

Dear Customers:

We’ve discovered a manufacturing QC problem
with GAUI Mini VBar 5.3
Some users have reported slanted sensor boards
on their Mini VBar 5.3.

Attached are two pictures with the GAUI Mini VBar V5.3

Announcement_ GAUI Mini VBar V5.3


The correct case has a very visible bar over the “V”.
The case with the issue has no bar over the “V”. This can cause the sensor bar to be slanted in some cases.

Customers should send the problem Mini VBar with slanted sensor board back to Official GAUI distributor in their country for replacement.

Remember also to provide the Serial Number of the Mini VBar to distributor when returning the unit for replacement.

Our sincere apology for inconvenienced caused.


Important Note Recommendation Item NO. 217170

STANDARD X7 kits (#217001 & #217002) using parts (#217040 + #217171 + #217174 + #217175)
is fit for use with STANDARD X7 motor #217350 – GUEC GM-350S Brushless Motor (500KV).

*** Important Recommendation ***
If you are a competition pilot or your flight
style is EXTREME and if you use HIGHER POWERED Motor other than the
STANDARD motor that comes with the X7 (#217350 – GM-350S),
GAUI recommend upgrading (replacing) with part
#217170 – X7 One Way Main Gear Set (Strengthened Upgrade) to ensure your flight safety.